Jostaberry is a fruit that most people have never heard of, but it’s a cross of black currant and gooseberry. The fruits are dark purple to black, and about 1/2″ plus in diameter. They have a sweet, musky flavor like black currants with a bit of acidity and tartness like gooseberries.They are great for fresh eating, pies, jelly and preserves, and syrup.

The bushes grow 3′-5′ tall, and do well in a sunny, well drained location, Jostaberries are self fertile and are not hosts for White pine blister rust that some varieties of black currant are, so they can be planted in any county in Michigan. They are also resistant to leaf stop and mildew. This is an easy plant to grow with delicious fruit!        Space plants 4′ apart.

12″ – 18″ tall plants in 1 gallon pots are priced at $11.00 each.



Last Modified on October 1, 2020
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